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Who are NorthOne Management?

Founded in 1986, we are a long-established and leading co-operative agency.
Our office is in central London, not far from Waterloo.

What is a co-op agency

A dedicated group of actors who also work as agents for the agency. Put simply, we are run by actors, for actors. Actors’ co-op agencies have access to the same casting information as traditional agents. Most casting is done through Spotlight.

Just like a traditional agent, we:

  • submit actors for jobs
  • negotiate contracts and fees
  • take commission
  • advise our clients on their careers
  • see our clients (and prospective clients) in shows

But in our agency, every actor leads a double life!


(i) As an agent, every member:

  • is trained how to sub clients appropriately, use the industry-standard software, understand and negotiate contracts, build relationships within the industry, maintain a consistent client-base of skilled actors
  • works 2-3 days a month in the office (accommodating performance commitments, of course!)
  • attends a monthly meeting, where aspects of running the agency are reviewed
  • belongs to a team of their choice (e.g. training, finance, marketing)

(ii) As an actor, every member:

  • is individually subbed for roles (we all know each other’s skill-sets, and we want to see everyone succeed!)
  • is part of a strong support network of fellow members
  • learns a huge amount about the industry, which informs their own career and helps them to flourish
  • has access to members-only benefits, such as specially organised workshops (e.g. with theatre and TV/screen casting directors, or tackling career-related subjects)


If you think you are the sort of person who would thrive in a collaborative environment – contributing to the success of the agency by working hard as both agent and actor – then check out the Representation section on the website. Our books are currently open for a number of specific casting types.