North One North One

Elena Sáenz



Originally from Spain, Elena is an accomplished and experienced actor of screen and stage.

She trained in the four year conservatory program at the Drama School of Biscay, and studied with John Strasberg in New York.

“An ambitiously constructed, elegantly photographed film by Spanish born London based actress Elena Sáenz, exploring the story of a woman who goes on a trip looking for her love, DAM TO DAM initiates her audience into a poetic and highteneed visual experience that encourages a cross-pollination of the spectatorship: we are pleased to introduce Sáenz’s multifaceted and captivating work.”

—WomenCinemakers (for DAM TO DAM: writer, director, actress)

“‘Mírame cuando te hablo’ is a hard punch on the stomach, a brutal push and almost murderous to those who practice sexist violence. On the stage, Elena Sáenz and Daniel Arranz strike up a unique and remarkable battle through contemporary dance.”

— DEIA News

“Jury members decided to give the award for the Best Theatre Show to ‘Los jóvenes no saben lo que es llorar ni pasarse la vida corriendo’, by Elena Saenz and David Quincoces, because of its “originality and freshness, a beauty and profoundly human concept; its truthful, generous and exhaustive physical commitment; a simple, precise and outstanding drama; an innovative connection between the reality and the character; and a long-lasting and meaningful impact.'” 

— ARTEZ Magazine
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